Below you will find a selection of kind words that some of our regular clients found time to say about their experience with us. As you will hear, we take special care to work closely with each person that comes to see us. This is because just as each person's body is different, each person's posture, lifestyle and therefore toning requirement is also unique.

At first I was nervous about the slimming solution, but Amanda guided me through the process in a very reassuring and professional manner. I would thoroughly recommend the treatment for anyone wishing to improve their body shape. –Mike Pearse, Grimsby

I don't want to lose weight but Tone up!! These machines help me feel better and look great without working out hard. Amanda's programmes help me be more flexible and toned. Also helps with my digestive system of which I suffer with. 10 mins out of your day. You feel so energised. It's vigorous and not time consuming. Highly recommend to use 3 times a week to maintain the benefits and amazing results. –S Farman, Laceby

I have used Toning tables before but not for around 15 years. And definitely not with the supervision and encouragement I receive at Bodytone. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis 12 years ago and didn't realise how quickly it affected my lifestyle. Over the years it has slowed me down from being an active person to sometimes struggling to even get out the car/bath and bed. At the time of joining Bodytone Studio I was having a particular problem with my shoulder and general mobility. My body was ceasing up all over and I was struggling to walk even short distances, as it was so painful. I began relying on string pain relief throughout the Day and Night. However that has all changed now I regular attend toning tables sessions at Bodytone studio. Weekly sessions of painful physio has been swapped for enjoyable sessions on the beds. I have improved flexibility to move around which has led to improved mobility. As I am in not as much pain I do not need nearly as much pain relief and I can even sleep through the night!!!!

Please be mindful though this is not a miracle cure, if I miss a couple of sessions I start to stiffing up again.

I can quite confidently say if it wasn't for Bodytone Studio I would probably need a mobility scooter. However I now am mobile enough to walk from the Boating Lake to the Pier and back with my two Grandsons, and you can't put a price on that feeling. My thoughts are what you waiting for get booking. –Mrs. C Thompson, Malvern Avenue, Grimsby

I worked for a travel company and enjoyed a sporty lifestyle until her MS symptoms began 15 years ago. It was relapsing remitting but now secondary progressive. I suffer with fatigue, balance and optic neuritis. I have problems walking and uses a wheelchair or a standing frame. Since using the plates with the help and support of caring experienced staff and the wrap around hand rails, allows me to stand and hold on while the plate vibrates and generates up through my legs. And by sitting on it to work my arms. and upper body. I get a workout without having to do exercise myself through normal gym equipment. My regular sessions make me feel invigorated.

Family members have noticed I hardly use my wheel chair now since using vibration plates. So even though it will not stop my condition it has slowed down allowing me to enjoy a better life. –A regular visitor, Grimsby