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The success of any business is knowing what people want. Looking good and feeling great is a social trend. But these days' people have not the time or the energy with their hectic lifestyles.

Having 2 children myself I can relate to this. Kids are our future. So looking after yourself is of great importance. From researching the Health Industry I found a niche in the market for a new revolutionary type of exercise that helps people achieve many benefits and results from the use of advanced technology equipment.

Bodytone studio has been opened since January 08 and we are going from strength to strength. We are the only type of studio that provides better health and well-being with the use of our vibrating plates and toning tables in the whole of the Lincolnshire area.

We are the first facility locally to have this revolutionary vibrating technology — allowing you to undergo a whole body workout in only 10 minutes and in doing so achieving the same results as a 1 hour session in the gym.

I thrive on committing to 'one2one' personal training for all clients throughout the whole experience. Whether it is inch loss, fitness, rehabilitation or to enhance the feeling of well-being. Our customers prefer the friendly, caring, professional, relaxed and private environment I have to offer; not the feeling of intimidation.

It is Recommended that you commit to 2 or 3 sessions a week in order to achieve and maintain a healthier and more toned body.

I love what I do, and get a great feeling of achievement when my clients walk out feeling good about themselves and seeing results.

With thanks,

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The Bodytone Studio has helped countless people in the Grimsby area to not only improve their physical well-being, but to move past physiological problems and enjoy a much richer quality of life.


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